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I get so excited when that Bloomer Box ships!


It's just SO fun and SOOO useful!!


We are absolutely loving our bloomer subscriptions for our girls! The monthly suprise has been so much fun and the bloomers are absolutely adorable! 💕


We are thrilled with our first Bloomer + Bow Box! The bloomers are high quality and the embroidery is perfect on both the bloomers and the bow! We can't wait to get our next box!

Bloomer Box Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a subscription? Can't I just buy these in the shop?

Nope, these will not available in the shop. The bloomers in the subscription box will be exclusive, seasonal designs and ONLY available to subscribers. You can't get them anywhere else!!

Is it easy to change sizes as my child grows?

Absolutely!! We'll alert you each month before your box ships and give you the option to size up your bloomers or change your bow style, if you need to.

How long is the commitment?

No commitment!! The Bloomer Box is month to month. You can cancel at any time.

Can I start with the Bloomer Box now and add the bow later?

Yep!! We make it easy to add a bow, whenever you'd like.

Will the bow be monogrammed, too?

Sometimes!! Bows will be a special design (like a pink and white layered bow), embroidered (with a pumpkin, for example) OR monogrammed. They will be different every month and will always coordinate perfectly with the bloomers.

My daughter has a double name. Is that a problem?

Definitely not!! We are always happy to accommodate a double name. We love 4-letter monograms, too.

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